The Center for Public Safety Leadership (CPSL) brings the resources of Congressionally Directed Funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Senator of Kansas, Jerry Moran, and the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) to develop law enforcement leadership training and education.
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Develop leadership training that serves the needs of law enforcement, using instructional methodologies which are affordable and accessible.


The CPSL develops and implements leadership training programs intended to support a person from the time they enter a leadership position until they achieve senior leadership as a chief or sheriff. In addition, the CPSL supports each level of leadership with a certificate program, as well as other professional development courses. The training programs are delivered in person and through blended modules. Both methods will allow for a high degree of hands-on application and direct assessment of a new skill. The blended module offers an online component which will reduce the time an officer must spend away from their community.


The CPSL is located at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center near Hutchinson, KS, with regional sites in Dodge City, KS, Hays, KS, and Parsons, KS. KLETC serves as the central agency for all law enforcement training in Kansas. KLETC serves 437 recognized law enforcement and police agencies in Kansas, providing basic training and continuing education programs throughout each fiscal year.