CPSL Advisory Committee

The CPSL believes in working with our stakeholders to garner input for our training curriculum.  It is the goal of the CPSL to have representation throughout the eight regions of the state of Kansas. The list below is serving in that capacity.

  • Sheriff Scott Braun - Ellis County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief Adam Weingartner - Ottawa Police Department
  • Sheriff Jeff Richards - Franklin County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief Darrell Atteberry - Bel Aire Police Department
  • Police Chief Mike Holton - Eldorado Police Department
  • Chief Jerry Harrison - Independence Police Department
  • Sheriff Bill Martin - Bourbon County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief Courtney Prewitt - Garden City Police Department
  • Sheriff Jacob Welsh - Chase County Sheriff's Office
  • Sheriff Cole Presley - Grahm County Sheriff's Office
  • Police Chief Anna Hatter - Abilene Police Department
  • Chief Brandon Russell - Derby Police Department
  • Sheriff John Merchant - Brown County Sheriff's Office
  • Sheriff Doug Brown - Meade County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief Stephen Schaffer - Haven Police Department
  • Chief Michael Strode - Yates Center Police Department 
  • Sheriff Jacob Welsh - Chase County Sheriff's Office
Kansas Law Enforcement Regions